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Hayden by Amore part of the Rene of Paris Company, is a gorgeous synthetic wig. Hayden base construction features with a double monofilament top that resembles the most realistic hairline and enables parting versatility, a lace front and multi-directional styling and also features an open cap construction allowing for an airy cool design which is lightweight and ideal everyday wear.

Colour: rose gold rooted
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• design: wig
• brand: amore
• hair type: synthetic hair blend
• cap design: double monofilament top, lace front
• cap size: average
• weight: 4.4 oz
• approx length: Fringe: 7" | Crown: 9.8"-11” | Nape: 9.8”
• colour shown: melted marshmallow, dark chocolate, honey brown rooted


• lace front- for off the face styling no glue or tape is required
• base design: monofilament top – creates the illusion of natural hair growth and allows you to part the hair in any direction.
• fitting: adjustable velcro tabs- allows you to loosen or tighten the cap up to a half inch.


• fitting: it is always ideal to wear a wig cap, wig liner or cotton cap under the hairpiece for a more comfortable fit
• care: use our synthetic care range for the upkeep and to maintain the longevity of your hairpiece.
• style: no styling tools are permitted. a shaping creme can be used to create a more textured look. at the chiquel salons we offer cutting services to your synthetic hairpiece. enquire within
• storage: wig stand
• for more information on the essential care products and care instructions > please refer to our care instructions guideline or view our  hair care product range

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Wendy S.

This is my favorite so far, after wearing wigs for 3 years. First of all, she stays on better than most. I always have to wear a wig grip and never can wear a wig cap... but I can reasonably wear Hayden, even without a wig grip. (I just put my baby-fine bio hair into a low bun and secure with a toothed hair clip, and that becomes the anchor for wig grip or wig.) I got a rooted color (honey brown R) and for realism, wouldn’t buy a non-rooted color. The color is like a Rooted light ginger brown (not quite strawberry blond) and blends with my natural ginger brown, which I leave out around the front. The cap was surprisingly itchy at first, but has been fine since I washed and rubbed it with a fabric softener sheet. I also stretched it out a little while it was wet, and that helped too. The cut is a little poofier on top, than I would like, but the thickness in the length is nice, realistic and lightweight. I did have to thin the top layers, and doubt there is a wig I wouldn’t have to thin for my small-ish and flat-ish head shape. I thought I needed bangs until I tried Hayden. I trained the hair mostly out of my face with water and gel and leaving it pinned while wet over night. I still need to wear one side in a bobby pin since I look down a lot as a teacher and mother of little ones. I got tired of having to put up long wigs to keep them looking nice so Hayden is my shortest wig yet. But I can still put her in a low ponytail. I like being able to wear her down without hair matting together and quickly looking bad. However, she does tangle, and I still have to use my hot air brush to smooth the kinks out. I didn’t like the wave pattern she came with, so I changed it with my hot air brush. —I don’t know about other brands, but my Helen of Troy hot air brush does not get hot enough to harm the fibers, it only smoothes them. I have been able to make my wigs last 9+ months by using my hot air brush weekly. I will probably buy her again.

Ronda M.

Love the style love the color it’s a little tight for my 23” head but I can make it work

Mary M.

Ok, Cysterwigs, I've been a loyal and regular customer for several years and I've enjoyed our relationship, but this is only the second time I've submitted a review in response to your invitation to do so. Therefore you know I have strong feelings about Hayden. I absolutely love Her! Everything about Hayden is 5 5tars except the color --The Rose GoldR color gets a 10!! It's more of a bright ash than a rose, I don't see anything red about her. By the way, the highlights are placed exactly in the right areas to get the most benefit from the cut. I don't typically purchase such long wigs because my small face gets lost in all the hair but.ive had my eye on Hayden for quite some time. I bought her prepared to do some Alterations. The day she arrived she looked so beautiful right out of the box that I wore her for 12 hours without changing a thing. Every time I looked in the mirror I thought I saw a bride on her wedding day I looked so pretty. The next day I took her to a hairdresser to cut. Amazingly she still looked as lovely.After her haircut. My stylist said -she was very impressed with.the fine denier of the wig fibers. She said she behaved well With scissors and so had me done in under 30 minutes. Ive probably taken over 80 new wigs out of their boxes Over the past 10 years-- a mixture of very short to Long Bob (LOB). Giving Hayden top billing in this review is the best compliment I can give.

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