The Best Hair Pieces And Toppers Across Australia

Chiquel hair pieces, also known as top pieces, are perfect for adding volume while concealing thinning hair in the crown area. With a variety of looks and functions our top pieces are guaranteed to enhance any overarching aesthetic you require. We can also help you in a range of other areas including hair care and hair extensions. Whether you’re looking to improve your natural look or undergo a complete transformation, Chiquel can help you.

Cover Your Thinning Hair With A Chiquel Topper

We pride ourselves on supplying our Australian clientele with high quality hair pieces and toppers in both synthetic and human hair options. We truly have everything you need to achieve the look you want, be that boosting your existing hair, or layering for thinning hair. Our top pieces provide maximum coverage and fullness so that you can go out and about without worrying about glimpses of your scalp peeking through. You can view our range of natural human hair fringe and synthetic hair pieces and toppers online as well as in our Melbourne or Sydney locations. Our in store staff will be happy to guide you if you have any queries or need advice on what hair piece, fringe on crown or topper might be best for you.

Happily Boosting Fringe Hair & Fringe on Crown Across Australia

If you’re looking at our range of human and synthetic hair pieces online and can’t decide which one might suit your needs best, then you can contact our friendly team for help. We’re dedicated to helping our customers across Australia finding the toppers that suit them best. For additional information, fill in a contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Or visit our showrooms in either Sydney or Melbourne to view our full range of human hair toppers and synthetic hair pieces.


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