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Hair loss, whether the result of an illness such as alopecia or cancer, the ageing process, or hereditary reasons can be traumatic and emotionally draining. At Chiquel, we work with people on a daily basis who are facing this issue. Our goal is to help you choose one of our wigs and find the solution that works best for you and to do so in a caring way that makes you realise that you are not alone.  A positive self-image is a proven aid in the healing process.

A strong aspect to our service is to is building our client’s confidence. Chiquel aspires for clients to recognise the salon as a stepping stone in their journey to dealing with hair loss. Remember there are alternatives once hair loss persists.

Our Instore Service for Hairloss Customers Includes:

At our Melbourne and Sydney stores, we’re proud to provide:

  • Private fitting rooms: Chiquel provides private fitting rooms for a more comfortable environment
  • Booking: to visit our Chiquel showrooms, an appointment is necessary please visit our¬†contact page to arrange a booking¬†


Australian Rebates for Alopecia Wigs

There are various rebates available for wigs/hairpiece purchases please contact your health care provider to see if you are eligible. You may also contact programs such as SWEP p: 1300 747 937 (for VIC residents) or ENABLE p: 1800 362 253 (for NSW residents) who offer rebate services. Please contact directly to see if you are eligible.  Please note that SWEP/ENABLE is not retrospective and will not reimburse clients under any circumstance for past purchases.

Kids Alopecia - Wigs for Kids is awarded to a child with any form of alopecia areata aged 18 and under. To see if you are eligible please follow the link https://aaaf.org.au/wigs-for-kids/.  Additional grants are also available for children under 18 who make the choice to continue to wear a wig and require ongoing funding. 

We offer an online wigs service for alopecia and other hair loss across Australia to help assist you in the right direction to choosing the desired product for your specific need. One of our hair specialists will then view your details and will be in contact with you.