Before You Begin

If you do not have complete hair loss and plan to wear your wig over your own biological hair, wrap your hair before measuring (wig cap or wig liner)

Start by measuring your circumference:

  1. Using a fabric measuring tape, hold measuring tape at the front hairline
  2. Follow hairline circumference to base of hairline at nape
  3. Continue around head, backing up to the front starting point

Next, find your ear to ear measurement:

  1. Establish “top of head point” by measuring 7” back from front hairline
  2. Hold measuring tape at hairline at top of ear
  3. Measuring across the top of head point, continue to hairline at top of opposite ear

Lastly, find your front to back measurement:

  1. Hold measuring tape at front hairline
  2. Follow a straight line down center of head, ending at hairline at the nape

Now take these 3 measurements and compare them to this chart:

* Please note that we are unable to customize wig bases, please refer to the product description on the product page, to determine which size the wig comes in.