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Charmed Life 12"




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Charmed Life 12" by Raquel Welch, is a 100% Human Hair top piece that is designed to integrate naturally and easily with x3 clips into your own hair. It is worn over the part of your existing hair adding volume and length. Ideal for medical crown hair loss or thinning. Charmed Life 12" is enforced with a hand-tied monofilament technique which creates the most natural appearance of skin like design.

Color:  Actual colour may vary slightly*
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    *Hair Colours

    Colours may appear marginally different then shown in displayed image depending on the hair fibre or style. Each colour in the images shown can change from one screen to another. As well some hairpieces are made by hand, and each individual hair colour can slightly differ in shade. These colour swatches are intended to give you a good depiction of the shading, yet may fluctuate slightly from one piece to another.

    • design: top piece
    • brand: raquel welch
    • cap design:  monofilament top
    • hair type: human hair
    • heat friendly: yes
    • application method: clip in x3 clips
    • base dimension: 3.25” x 5”
    • approx length: 12"
    • contains: 1 piece

    - Found in our description tab above.


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