hairdo heat synthetic colour ring
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• design: colour ring
• brand: hairdo – heat synthetic colour ring
• hair type: heat synthetic
• colour ring contains swatches: R2 – Ebony, R4 – Midnight Brown, R6 – Dark Chocolate, R10 – Chestnut, R6/30H – Chocolate Copper, R830 – Ginger Brown, R29S+ – Glazed Strawberry, R14/25 – Honey Ginger, R1416T – Buttered Toast, R25 – Ginger Blonde, R14/88H – Golden Wheat, R22 – Swedish Blonde, RO1422 – Champagne Ombre, RO430 – Chocolate Ombre, RO290 – Black Plum Ombre, RO1426 – Caramel Ombre, RO627 – Hazel Ombre, RO1625 – Butterscotch Ombre, SS25 – Rooted Ginger Blonde, SS14/88 – Rooted Golden Wheat, SS14/25 – Rooted Honey Ginger, R56/60 – Silver, R28S – Glazed Fire.

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