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Simply Straight Pony 18" by HairDo is a heat synthetic ponytail set in a sleek straight design, easily attached with 1 clip and then wrap around velcro for a secure fit.

Colour: R10 chestnut
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• design: ponytail
• brand: hair do
• hair type: heat synthetic
• heat friendly: yes
• application method: x1 pressure clip
• approx length: 18″
• approx weight: 92 grams
• colour shown: R14/16T
• contains: 1 piece
• chiquel application rating: easy


• clean:
Synthetic hair fiber should be washed as infrequently as possible or when you notice that the fiber appears dull. If you are wearing the hairpiece all day everyday, we recommend a time frame of 3-5 weeks before each wash. You do not need to wash the synthetic hair everyday to keep consistent results.

Products needed: Synthetic Shampoo, Synthetic Conditioner, Hair Comb, Towel

Step 1. Before shampooing, gently remove any tangles or teasing with your fingers or comb. Do not brush. Start from the tips of the hair and work your way up.

Step 2. Place your hairpiece in a upright direction with the ends downwards. Gently add synthetic shampoo to the hair. Use cool, never hot water.

Step 3. When rinsing the hair allow the water to flow from the roots to the ends (top to bottom). Do not soak the hair as this may cause matting and tangles.

Step 4. Rinse thoroughly in cool water.

Step 5. Gently with a towel dab to remove excess water. Do not squeeze, rub or twist.

Step 6. While still wet, spray with a leave in conditioner that is specifically formulated for synthetic hair goods.

Step 7. Dry on a towel at room temperature. This will usually take overnight for the hairpiece to be completely dry.

• styling:
Style with fingers or pick comb. Do not use a blow dryer or curling iron on synthetic hair. You may also use the synthetic styling product that are available.

With heat friendly synthetic fiber, Do not use a heating tool that exceeds 180 degrees. Blow drying is not recommended.

*Please note that it is not necessary to set your synthetic hair after washing as the synthetic fiber is set upon making of the piece.

• storage:
It is best to store the synthetic hair in it’s original package that it has been sent to you. However, you can store the hair in a plastic bag or container.

If the hairpiece is curly/wavy and you want to maintain the curl, you can either twist the hair with your hands and spray leave in conditioner or you can set your hair in rollers (not hot rollers, velcro ones are ideal). This should be done before the hairpiece is dried.

We do not recommend to sleep or swim while wearing the synthetic hair. Synthetic pieces cannot be coloured.

• Chiquel Salon Services:
At the Chiquel Salons, we offer custom cutting to create your desired look on your new hair piece. We also offer ongoing blow waves and cleaning to ensure your hair is maintained to perfection. Please refer to our salon services page.

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Donna S.
simply straight pony 18"

Just love my new 18” Simply Straight Synthetic Wrap Around. This is the second hair piece I purchased in Honey Ginger, and I just love. It matches my hair color (color and highlights) perfectly. I can also wrap it into a nice full size bun for a different look.

Anastasia k.
simply straight pony 18"

I like it as a bun best. It looks nice as a pony as well. Great color and texture.

simply straight pony 18"

I absolutely love my Simply Straight Pony 18 inch. It looks so natural in color honey ginger. Its a 10 out of ten and so easy to use....

simply straight pony 18"

This is a really good product, the hair quality is great and it is very very easy to wear. I love it but unfortunately it does not match my loose curly hair texture. I plan to wear it anyway it in the evenings where the texture won't be readily noticeable. Hopefully a curly version of this pony hairpiece will soon be available.

Maria A.
simply straight pony 18"

Great Color, great length. I would have liked the ponytail to be a bit thicker.