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Soft Focus by Raquel Welch Sheer Indulgence Collection is created only using the highest quality 100% remy human hair. Soft Focus is one of raquel Welch best sellers is falls as a beautiful long bob with a soft side swept bang. The sheer Indulgence cap features a monofilament top which gives the appearance of your own natural scalp, 100% hand tied sides and back which gives the most natural look and comfort. The lace front acts as a natural hairline and allows for styling away from the face.

Colour: r10 chestnut human hair
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• design: wig
• brand: raquel welch
• hair type: human hair blend
• cap design: 100% handtied, monofilament, lace front
• cap size: average
• weight: 70 grams
• approx length: Front: 6.5″ – Crown: 7.5″ – Sides: 6″ – Back: 6″ – Nape: 4″
• ideal face shape: round, diamond, heart, oval
• colour shown: R14/88h, R829S+ glazed hazelnut

• base design: 100% Hand-tied cap is entirely hand-knotted, meaning each individual hair is tied to the base. This creates natural movement and allows the hair to move freely. The soft cap makes it more comfortable to wear and is ideal for a sensitive scalp.
• monofilament Top – Creates the illusions of natural hair growth and allows you to part the hair in any direction.
• lace Front – Virtually invisible sheer lace front that gives you amazing off-the-face styling versatility.
• 100% Human Hair – soft texture of 100% human hair, able to style as your own using heat tools.
• fitting: adjustable velcro tabs- allows you to loosen or tighten the cap up to a half inch.


Whilst not wearing your human hair wig or hairpiece we recommend it is stored on a wig stand to help maintain shape and style. Remove all hair which is caught underneath the clips before storing.

We recommend brushing your human hair wig or hairpiece with a Chiquel brush starting at the very ends and working up towards the mid-lengths. Do not use force on the lace or silk bases as this could cause damage. Hair can tangle simply due to friction and wear throughout the day. Knots not detangled could cause damage or cause hair to shed.


Chiquel recommends washing human hair wigs and hairpieces every 7 -14 full day wears. Depending on contributing factors like exercise, climate and lengths of time wearing the hairpieces this may vary from client to client.

Please remove all hair from the clips underneath and detangle all knots from human hairpiece prior to washing as detangling knots in wet human hair can cause damage to the hair and base constructions.

Hold your human hair wig or hairpiece in an upright position in a basin so that all of the hair is falling in the one direction. Completely saturated the piece while running under cool water.

Place a small amount of Chiquel’s recommended shampoo into the palm of your hands and then distribute evenly throughout the hair in one direction working from roots to ends. Do not rub shampoo vigorously.

Rinse all of the shampoo out while running under cool water in one direction. We recommend shampooing hairpiece twice to cleanse and add moisture.

Remove excess water and place conditioner from root to tip making sure all of the hair is covered. Allow to penetrate for a few minutes before rinsing under cool water, in the same way as previously.

Place wig or hairpiece gently in a towel and remove excess water.

For a deep conditioning treatment, we recommend a moisture mask to be used.

Place on a wig stand for overnight drying in preparation for styling. We highly recommend a moisturising serum product to be used daily or when required.

We highly recommend for your piece to be air dried first then using a heat protector spray before using any styling tools. Please use low heat and Do not put any direct heat from hair dryer directly on scalp of piece this can cause hair to fall from it.

We recommend high-quality styling tools which Chiquel use for straightening and curling, as they do not cause tension on the hair resulting in snapping or hair being pulled from the base. We also recommend to move the parting of the hair from time to time. As keeping the part in the same position with constant daily brushing of the part can cause hair to fall from that one area.

To secure a full wig for heat styling we recommend holding in place with a chin strap.


Human hair piece are made from natural hair so they will still respond to the elements like our own hair with fading in the sun and also heat styling. We highly recommend having the colour refreshed every few months to keep the hair looking vibrant and in the best condition.

Human hair regardless of whether our own hair or hair in a wig or hairpiece will still require maintenance in ways of cutting to keep the ends in good quality. 


The wearing of headwear over the top of a wig or hairpiece can cause friction to the hair which can result in the matting and loss of hair. We do not recommend, but only on minimal occasions.

Exercising and sleeping in your piece can also cause hair to matt, tangle or pull hair through to the underside of the base due to excess sweating and friction. If hair has been worn in a hair-up style including with soft pins, clips, combs or hair bands, we recommend brushing and restyling to restore the hair. The base is very delicate so we don’t recommend using pins against the lace base as it can cause tears and holes.

Chlorine or salt water damage our natural hair so it is not recommended to swim in chlorine or salt water with your wig or hairpiece but on a rare occasion. In case you do, we recommend placing a generous amount of oil through the hair as a protective barrier. And to shampoo, treat and restyle immediately after swimming. 

- Found in our description tab above.
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Color R11S+ description is Warm Medium Brown with Blonde highlights on top. Well the color is way more blonde all over than warm medium brown base with highlights. Going to have it dyed a brunette shade. Other then that, Soft Focus by Raquel Welch is nicely made and fits good.

Nicole T.

I would like to correct my last review of this wig. My first review stated the wig was wonderful and that I loved it. In my second review, I stated that the wig was enormous. Well, since then I have done on a lot of reading on the care of wigs, both synthetic and human hair. I thought it would be so much easier to wash my wig in the shower as I took a shower, **** two birds with one stone so to speak. Apparently, washing a fine wig like this in very hot water is the death of a wig. THAT is most probably why my second Soft Focus ended up so enormous. I feel badly giving this wig a bad review the second time because of something I did to the wig. I hope this one can negate that negative review. I am going to give this wig a third chance and this time care for it the way it is meant to be cared for.


I just received my 'fifth' Soft Focus today. I am not happy with the 'newer' 'soft focus', the hair is shorter on the 'nap area'. I called and spoke with the girl that I purchased it from and told her that I wasn't happy at all with the 'newer 'shorter cut' of the Soft Focus, it seems the Company only caters to the 'long hair' 'human hair' wigs for the 'Stars'. The Soft Focus is now 'shorter' and 'less hair' on the wig, (nap area) than it was when I bough my first one back in 2012. I could never buy a long one and have it cut, 'shoulder length', like the Soft Focus was when I bought my first '4' it would ruin the wig (hairdressers 'do' get 'sissor happy, especially when it isn't their hair), THE CUT OF THE 'NEWER' SOFT FOCUS IS A BEAUTIFUL WIG IF YOU LIKE THE 'SHORTER BACK', My only other option is 'FAKE HAIR' and I have 'NEVER CARED FOR FAKE!

Nicole T.

For those who commented earlier and stated the wig did not look like the pictures: unlike a synthetic wig that comes out of the box ready to wear a human hair wig needs to see the hairdresser to be styled and cut. It is not ready to wear. For 12 years I wore synthetic wigs before I bought this wig. Getting my hair done and then wearing this wig was the closest thing to having my own hair back. (I have alopecia.) I would suggest buying a cheaper wig for around the house and for exercising. I wear this one 14 hours a day and do everything with it so it has worn out faster than what I would have expected. I will replace this one with the exact wig after 1.5 years. I will keep my " old one" for exercise and around the house. My hair dresser is also a wig maker and works hair in film tv and the ballet. She is VERY impressed with the quality of this wig. It is beautiful natural and well built.

B G.

I love the hair, the color and how it looks on me. But I am having problems with the lace front. It is very irritating on my forehead skin. The edges of it seem to be rolling under and that is what is causing the irritation. I am hoping that this has happened before and you can give me a solution to solve this problem. This wig was very expensive Read more about I love the hair, the color and how itand I would hate to have wasted the money on something that I wont be able to wear.